Learning to Fail: An Essential Mindset to Succeed in Outsourcing Industry May 12, 2017

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Failure can be daunting since many people experienced them at some point in their lives. You may experience failure as a child, didn't pass the math exam, or may experienced failure as an adult when you got turned down for a job that you are applying. For us, failure seems like a sting left by a bee. It lingers, it hurts and it haunts you into submission. Once, you succumb into the powers of failures, you are destined to fail. But countless stories of great men and women proved that learning to fail and refusing to give up is one of the recipes of success. In the Outsourcing industry, learning to fail, keeps people learning, focused and destined to succeed even when faced with a barrage of challenging situations. Here are the inspirations from famous people who started as failures and ended up as today's mavericks.

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Famous Inspirational Lives to Inspire you.


  • Momofuko Ando - The Taiwanese-born, Japanese businessman founded the now famous Nissin foods corporation. Little known to the world, that before his instant noodle invention, made him famous, Mr.Ando until, the age 48, he was selling salt and was jailed for 2 years because of tax evasion case.

  • J.K Rowling - If you watch Harry Potter movie franchise, then you may know already the name JK Rowling. Before her phenomenal success, she was broke and penniless. In fact, she has to care for her 1 child and had to live on state welfare. After persisting in writing, her book "Harry Potter" became a huge success as a harry potter movie.

  • Thomas Alva Edison - The inventor of the incandescent light bulb, he was fired from his two jobs for being unproductive. After, a thousand failures of making the bulb glow, he finally succeeded in making the first practical light bulb that will shine generations ahead of his time.


  • Soichiro Honda - After applying as an engineer in Toyota, he was turned down for the job. This left him jobless for some time, but this didn't dissuade him to strive for more by building scooters and designing cars. Decades after his death on 1991, his name still resonates in the Japanese car brand that we knew today as Honda

  • Walt Disney - Walt's life went through a series of painful failures that tested his wits. He applied to numerous artist vacancies of animation and art studios but all rejected him. He went through the series of repeated failures in his strive to sell his cartoon characters. He was even fired from a newspaper editor for his lack of creativity and laziness. He was even forced to stay with his friends since he has little money. These repeated setbacks didn't change his mind to give up,  but instead, he continued with his passion. Now, the rest is history, the company he started "Walt Disney" is one of the largest entertainment companies in the US.

  • Steven Spielberg - The university of California (USC) rejected Spielberg's application. Still, he continued with his passion and soon he directed and produced some of the famous movies of the time such as E.T, raider's of the lost ark Indiana Jones, Schindler's list, and Jurassic Park. His name is often synonymous with the famous Hollywood movies when you start watching HBO movies.

  • Jack Ma - The founder of the successful online retail store "Alibaba" was once the man of failure. He failed several times starting from his childhood. First, as a young boy, he failed on the math exam, as an applicant in the KFC job, he is the only one not accepted, as an aspirant in a police job, he flunked. When he applied as a student in a university he was turned down. Jack Ma met another failure when failed to get funding for his Alibaba business in the year 1999. After a decade, on 2014, his Alibaba business went on as having a net worth of $237 Billion.


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What Failures can teach you?


The fear of failure is one of the main causes that can seatback your career. A fear of failure can stop you from moving ahead and developing a good mindset of success. Likewise, without experiencing failure, you'll be stuck in the numbing jaws of the comfort zone. You can only turn failures to success when you start modifying your behavior, recognizing what doesn't work and those that are working. Experiencing repeated failures can make you learn more, avoid pitfalls, and develop new strategies that will withstand situations

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How to learn to fail and succeed

  • Conquer your fear
  • Follow your passion
  • Use your strengths outside your comfort zone
  • Constantly learn 
  • Maintain a positive mind
  • Don't learn to fail but fail to learn
  • Accept that failure is a test whether your idea is working or not
  • Forget the past and live in the present



Five Reasons to Outsource your Call Center May 01, 2017

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The term "outsource" is to delegate the task to other group or people. It's like having someone work on behalf of you and never worrying any single day of finishing the job. For example, you are running a web development company and you found out that no one in your team knew copywriting. At this point, you will have to hire somebody outside of your company to do the job. Since the boom of internet communication, outsourcing and call centers became a separate industry. Several call center companies specialized in customer care handling in various niches such as healthcare, marketing, technical support, hospitality, airline reservation and chat support. If you are running a company and in need of a separate customer care department, you will find outsourcing your customer care department would be an excellent choice. Read on below and find out why.

  • 24/7 Customer Support -  Call centers can provide you with 24/7 customer support that is always available even the whole city is asleep.This is very helpful since there might be emergencies that your company may encounter. A 24/7 contact support is a good indication that regardless of time and space, you have a dedicated call center ready to work on your behalf

  • Customer Analytics - Outsourcing to call centers can help you with data analysis which can be numerical info about the number of customers and the origin of customers that inquire or visited your site. Call centers interpret these call results as raw data in making an analysis which can of use for your company's marketing plans or strategies.

  • Dedicated Contact Center - A separate call center can reduce a strain on your company's resources and energy. Since you are outsourcing your call center, you won't need an extra room for call center department. You can now focus your company's manpower to more important and urgent tasks rather than on less urgent and important tasks. Likewise, by outsourcing to contact centers, you will be focusing more on improving your product and services for your customers.

  • Contact center quality - With call center outsourcing, you can have a quality contact center. Since each call are monitored and call center agents are trained, you are ensured that every calling time is valuable both for the customer and the agent.

  • Save time and money - By having someone do your contact center job, you won't mind about paying a monthly rental for office space, utilities, taxes and extra staff just to run a dedicated call center. You can regard a remote BPO overseas as an extension of your company. A call center company can be your office extension.




Cloud Storage System for Call Centers and Business Process Outsourcing May 12, 2017

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Have you heard about cloud computing which is the processor sharing data across various computers? How about cloud storage? Cloud storage is the remote storage of data that frees an individual or company from the burden of data maintenance. Cloud storage are also services offered by cloud storage companies. Call center and BPO companies will often find cloud storage useful since they will be a flexible medium to store client data, software, videos and myriads of information useful for running the business. Here's how cloud storage works:

How does cloud storage work?

The client computer that availed the cloud storage service will connect to the cloud storage service by internet. The physical file is stored remotely in the cloud storage company's data server which can be thousands to hundreds of terabytes of data. The cloud storage service can be accessed by the client's computer by using either an installed software or web browser based software.

Pros and Cons of using cloud storage

Pros of Cloud Storage


  • Accessible anytime and anywhere via the internet connection.

  • A reliable form of data backup in case of emergency due to local storage damage, virus attack or theft

  • A secure form of data storage since you protect your data by using password and username.

  • Cost effective form of data backup since there is no need to buy local storage devices which can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars.

  • More secure than local storage since there is no risk of losing USB or disk drive to thieves or physical damage.

  • No maintenance needed to run data storage servers.

Cons of Cloud Storage

You won't have 100% control over your data. Although, you own the data, in case the company shuts down because of bankruptcy your data will also go down along with the company that provided the storage service.  Secondly, your storage data capacity can be limited to the plans which you are subscribed
Third, cyber criminals and hackers can hack your data since your data is accessible online.

What BPO and Call Centers can store in the cloud or local storage?

  • Database of clients and online transactions

  • Training photos and videos

  • Phone call recordings

  • Video call recordings

  • Security CCTV footage

  • Software backup

Should BPO rely on cloud storage only?

With cloud storage system, call center and BPOs can retrieve and use data anytime and anywhere just by the internet. There's no need to buy expensive disk drives and data servers to store data. Call centers can benefit more by using both mediums - cloud and local storage. In case of hacks, local storage will come to the rescue, and when local storage gets broken or lost, cloud storage will save the day

Call Center Careers & BPOs as a Source of Rewarding Career Mar 31, 2017

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The boom in call center industry leads to the development of a new set of technologies and skills. Along with the call center skill boom is the advancement in communications skills which are both oral and written. Call centers were once said as a place for career changers or underemployed, while there is some truth in this observation, call centers are the great place to start a career, improve life skills and find a satisfying career.

  • Call Centers/BPOs hone communication skills - Speaking and writing are two of the most important skills that should be cultivated. They are the first two skills to be noticed upon the first contact, and they are the ways in which you can transmit your ideas, facts, opinions and personality nuance. In fact, in writing, just misspelling of the word Google in resumes can mean disaster or mean a CV tossed straight into the waste bin. Now, since communication skills are crucial and if you want to hone them, you can find call centers a great place to start practicing plain English and sounding the right vowel and consonant sounds.


  • Call Centers and BPOs improve computer/IT skills - Since call centers and BPOs use a wide range of computer software and hardware, you will learn a lot of them. Software include CRMs (customer relationship management) used to manage customer interaction, project management software, a project collaboration management tool, CMS (content management system) for updating web page content,  ERP (enterprise resource planning software) which is used in supply chain management and some call routing and rerouting software. Second, you will learn how to use hardware such as Citrix Presentation Server, automatic call distributor, and telephony.

  • Call centers and BPOs offers generous compensation compared - Unlike other industries such as in food and beverage, manufacturing, sales and retail, call centers and BPOs offers generous salaries and non-monetary benefits such as rice allowance, medical allowance, daily meal allowance. These non-monetary benefits are also called de minimis benefits. In particular, medical benefits can also cover the employee's relative such as parents and siblings.

  • Stable job outlook - Since the invention of numerous software, VOIP, improvement in internet speed, 4G technology and computer hardware, the call center and BPO job outlook is excellent. In fact, in the forthcoming years, more BPO jobs will open opportunities in the sectors of SEO, web design, customer care, programming, supply chain management, remote education and cloud computing. The IT advancement had brought an excellent outlook in the BPO and call center job creation.

  • Call center and BPOs offer career advancement - The outsourcing industry has grown to such a degree that it has created many departments or divisions that offer various positions. A call center or BPO industry is not just only about calling and talking over the phone, but it is also about back office and technical support jobs. A novice agent can be promoted to management positions or transferred to specialist departments such as SEO, web development, and animation studios.

How to Find a Job and Enhance your Employability May 10, 2017

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Call centers or BPOs are one of the best places to work. Not only they provide an office environment workplace, but they also offer salaries higher than other industries such as food and beverage, manufacturing and on BPO office work. To succeed in applying and searching for the job, you must be prepared and follow strategies that will help you find a job. Here are some of the tips on the search for a job to start your career success.

  • Use online job search portals - Job websites such as,, regularly update their job listings and will help you find a job suitable to your qualification and experience. Use filter tools to narrow down jobs that easily fit in your requirement. Fill up forms that showcase your skills, experiences and training certificates.

  • Send resumes and cover letters via unsolicited applications - Even though there isn't an apparent vacancy advertised, most of company's do have a career subpage in their website that accepts resumes.

  • Polish your resume - Trim your resume to the level that it will only show the essential info that all the employer's human resource department would want to see. Leave out unnecessary info that will just add padding to your resume. You can delete sections such objective, hobbies, and activities that aren't related to your skills and experience.


  • Network - Another good source of job info is to network with your friends and colleagues. They might know vacancies that can help you land your job. The friends of your friends might be working in a kind of job that you are looking for.

  • Research the company - In this situation, you as the job seeker will scrutinize companies. Research the company if it is stable and a good place to work with. You can easily find opinions, discussions, and reviews in job search websites and forums that discuss the experiences of working in a particular company. Shun companies that are notorious violators of labor laws. Knowing companies will also enhance your interview answering skills since most human resource interviewers often ask about your knowledge fo the company you are applying.

  • Self-study - Studying by yourself will sharpen your skills and greatly improved your employability. Since the Internet becomes the source free ebooks, educational videos, and programs, it is possible to study and learn any courses effectively than attending a classroom lecture. You can learn programming languages and IT skills such as SEO, HTML5, CSS3, Photoshop and javascript just by self-studying. Indeed, you will save hundreds to thousands of bucks by not attending IT schools. Likewise, employers admire people with initiative to study.

  • Dress appropriately for the interview - There is a saying "first impression last" which is true in most first appearance interviews. Since interviewers will rely on what they see for the first time, your first appearance affects your chances of being hired. As a rule, you will need business or corporate attire appropriate for the situation. If the company you applied calls for business attire in their interview, then you should heed their requirements. On the other hand, some company doesn't mind business attire, but all will expect that you dress appropriately and neatly.

  • Build portfolios - Portfolios are presentable samples of work shown upon demand. Depending on skills, portfolios are writing samples, web mockups, edited videos, edited photoshop photos, infographics and diagram samples. When you apply for web development jobs, often an employer will ask samples of your website. To present that, you must make the web mock-up samples of a responsive internet site. Portfolios are proof that you are capable of doing a particular job.


Miscellaneous Facts About BPO Life May 11, 2017

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  • The Philippines become the top destination for foreign BPO investors due to the country's citizenry with strong English skills. Filipino's English accent is neutral compared to Indians who have strong accent affected by their native languages. On the other hand, Filipino English speech is neutral sounding which is neither British nor American.

  • Coffee can fight drowsiness especially during the early morning but coffee is ineffective in preventing dozing off during evening shift if you slept less than 6 hours. The best way is moderation when taking coffee since a coffee overdose can lead to serious health problems. The best way to fight drowsiness during evening shift is to sleep 6 to 8 hours during daytime.

  • Sedentary lifestyle and work can be bad for the health since the body has less activity and way to burn calories from food. The result of continuous and long-term sedentary lifestyle are diabetes type 2 & 1, obesity and accumulation of belly fat or visceral fat.


  • Compared to other industries, call centers or BPOs pays well which includes a more generous basic salary, incentives, night differential, rice subsidy, free transportation, free meal, coffee and performance bonuses. Other companies may not give free meals but instead, give meal allowance in the form of cash

  • Studies have shown that catered meals and free snacks contribute to employees productive. A survey about 1,050 professionals at companies shown that food at work equals happy employees. When you have happy employees, productivity soars and so are your business output. Additionally, your employee will stay longer and likely recommend your company to potential applicants and businesses


  • Many call centers have the cafeteria inside but most have the vending machine that can dispense instant coffee, tea, soft drink, and snacks. That kind of machine needs a money or coin slot to activate the electronic mechanism behind the food and beverage dispense.

  • When starting out a career whether you are a newbie graduate or a transferee from other industry, the call center is a good place to start a new life and career. In fact, call centers can give an opportunity in honing oral, writing and computer communication skills.






Skills needed to succeed in Call Centers Mar 07, 2017

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  The call center industry is young compared to others such as construction, manufacturing, aviation, oil and gas and printing. It sprung from the rapid development of computers and telephone technology. Moreover, call center shares some of the needed skills to succeed in the profession. These skills are interpersonal skills, oral and writing and computer skills. To succeed in call centers, an agent must coalesce emotional and functional skills to succeed.

Emotional Intelligence Skills

  To rightfully speak to a customer, it is just more than the skillful usage of telephone, headset and call center software. An agent must be patient and cool in all situations such as answering inbound calls from an irate client, handling calls for successful telemarketing calls, dealing with inbound inquiries and handling sensitive data or info. In sales calls, qualities such as perseverance and coolness will make you go far than others would give up when faced with two consecutive failures.

Initiative to learn

Life is a continuous journey of learning. Most people think that learning stops at college graduation, but this is far from reality. In your quest for better wages or salary, you must learn a new skill set to get that desirable salary. If you work in call centers, being a proactive learner will place you on top of agents for promotion. An initiative to learn is one of the EI skills that you can master

Calm in the face of pressure

- Not every customer is patient and in fact, some of them will yell or use curse words when their request have not been made, left hanging or just at their bad day. At this point, speaking to a hot customer will pose a serious situation and may encourage you to think about your self-worth and skills. To face such situation, you must remain calm, breath deeply and retain your composure.

Communication Skills -

Being able to speak clearly in an easy to understand accent will give an agent an edge in call centers. In fact, the very first noticeable skill to be recognized is the speaking skill. If you are working for a call center company that caters to US, Canadian or Australian clients, then you must have the accent that is acceptable to them. To speak like an American, you must learn accents widely used by producing sounds that are American. It sounds like ae and word linking or blending of words are some of the characteristics of fluency. Second, it will help to learn phrasal verbs that are always used by Americans and British.  Words such as "bring up," "go down" are just some of the words that will help you sound like a native speaker. Secondly, you must also have good writing skills since you will use word processing and write letters to communicate.

Computer Skills

 Call centers employ a bunch of computer software such as CRM or Computer Relations Management Software for project collaboration and monitoring, 3CX virtual phone for making calls, score buddy for QA (Quality Assurance) monitoring, EvaluAgent for training gamification and interactive intelligence or customer interaction centre. Moreover, you must know office suites such as Microsoft's Excel, Word, Powerpoint or open source software such as the libre office and Apache.

Multitasking skills

BPOs or call centers will always have a need for multitasking roles, and that will call for agents that can do more than one thing at a time. This can be using database or spreadsheet while talking on the phone, updating CRM while speaking over the phone, retrieving data while keeping your client over the phone. Keep in mind that multitasking should be done without sacrificing efficiency and management of large volumes of work. Multitasking can be using any one of methods namely

  • ANI (automatic number identification)
  • ACD (automatic call distribution)
  • AHT (Average Handle Time)
  • Agent performance analytics

Time Management skills

-To effectively use time, you can use schedules to organize things that should be prioritized. First, do what things that are urgent and important and place in the second group those tasks that are not urgent but important and place in the third position those tasks that are not urgent and not important.

















Healthy Tips for Call Center Workers Apr 21, 2017

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The call center industry offers one of the most competitive compensations or salary packages. Compared to other nonBPO jobs, call centers or BPO companies pays well. Now, depending on company size, many BPO companies offer free meals, drinks, snacks, rice subsidies, transportation and health cards. This seems to be an attractive part of the BPO industry, but on the other hand, the downside part of working for BPO or call centers is the night shift. Working from 10 pm or 11 pm till 8 am or 9 am can be energy draining and exhausting. While working late night is part of the daily work routine, there is something you can do to counter its ill-effects.

Ill effects of working late at night     

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Since night shift work is a form of sedentary lifestyle, the risk increases for night shift workers who spend 8 or 9 hours in front of a computer. First, Working late at night can increase triglycerides which its high levels can cause atherosclerosis, stroke and heart disease and other nasty effects on health, Second, it can slow down reaction time and increase the risk of depression. Third, the apparent ill effects of night shift work are increasing belly fat and obesity- both enhances the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Countering ill effects of night shift

1. Exercise daily – Engaging in jogging and walking exercise can add to your list of cardiovascular exercise and aerobic exercise. But that is not enough if you want to inch trim your belly that resembles a pregnant woman’s belly. To effectively, reduce belly fat, you must do daily crunches or 3 sets and ten repetitions each. You can also modify this crunches such as twist and side twist crunches. Exercise can burn fats, strengthen your muscle and counter the bad effects of sedentary lifestyle.

2. Avoid unhealthy food– You can’t be healthy by munching on junk foods and at the same time doing exercise. Numerous blogs, articles, and scientific studies have shown that refined carbohydrates (white bread, bagels, white rice, refined sugar, brown sugar, cakes, muffins, pizza dough, high-fat milk, corn, cereals and white pasta. Also, soda drinks such as colas, carbonated drinks, and high fructose drinks are some of the notorious causes of belly fat increase. On top of that, fast food and bacon that are high in fat and calorie can also increase belly fat. Another bunch of belly fat inducing foods are ready to eat snacks such as corn chips, potato chips, and pretzels.

3. Eat for health - eat whole wheat bread, fresh fruits, and lean meat. Almost all the best and healthiest food can be found in the plant kingdom. Vegetables such as broccoli, parsley, watercress, cabbage are laden with vitamins and minerals that increase your body health. Fresh fruits such as melon, lemon, blueberries, raspberries, pineapple, papaya, soursop, and cantaloupe abound in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. For the healthy beverage, make a mint, lemon and green tea drink by mixing or boiling or including them in beverage concoction mixed with cucumber and lemon.

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3. Sleep well – Since you have the sleepless night, your body’s circadian rhythm is turned upside down. To compensate for the loss of 8 hours sleep, you have to sleep 7 to 8 hours daily during the day. To induce sleep, avoid coffee, chocolate, and high sugar food. Avoid working for long hours just to cover your overtime work.

4. Drink energy and coffee drinks in moderation – A recent internet article has shown that excessive amounts of energy drinks can cause palpitations and risk of hepatitis. Energy drinks also contain sugar or fructose that can add to sugar levels in your body.

Business Process Outsourcing Jargons Demystified Jan 16, 2017

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ACD - Automatic Call Distributor - Phone system that automatically routes large volumes of inbound calls to an appropriate agent.It can also refer to software that makes calls immediately available to the free customer.

AHT - Average Handling Time - Refers to the overall handling of calls by the agent. The calls include talk time and holding time.

Attrition - The rate which staff members of the call center company leave voluntarily. It may mean reduction in workforce due to sickness and resignations.

B2B - Business to Business - A call made by a company to other company to inform or sell products (office equipment, modem, computers, laptops, printers) and services (website design, Search Engine Optimization, graphic design, editing, writing or translation services)

B2C - A call or transaction made by a company to customer or consumer to inform or sell products and services. An example of this is a website design company that offers web design services to customers.

BPO - Business Process Outsourcing - Is the process where a company will use the services of other businesses. Likewise, it is like using a subcontractor. Usually, the term BPO is used in call center world to name businesses that provide customer contact support to other businesses that don't have call center departments.

Call Center Schedule Adherence - Pertains to the metric to measure the agent's time spent on calling and breaks. The following formula measures the metric:

                        Total Call Time/ Total Schedule Time =

                             Call Center Schedule Adherence

Calling Line Identity - Software that can match the customer's call records and number or caller ID against the company records.

Commission - A sum of money paid to motivate an agent. It is paid on top of salary to reward good performance such as the increase in sales made from calls. The term is synonymous with the bonus.

Cloud Computing and Storage - Refers to the storage that can be accessed anywhere via the internet. It may refer to the cloud storage services that can store gigabytes to terabytes of videos, music, and documents. Likewise, Cloud computing may mean the web hosting services offered by web-hosting company.

CRM - (Customer Relation Management). Refers to the software that can manage customer relations and business partner data relationship. Examples of CRM software are Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot, Infusionsoft, highrise and nimble.

Cold calling - A call made that is not expected by the recipient. Examples of these are telemarketing, surveys and charity calls.

Do Not Call Registry (DNCR or DNC) - A Federal Trade Commissions' registry that allows US consumers to limit telemarketing calls. The registry aims to protect the privacy hours of consumers who are either busy or unwilling to receive calls from commercial companies. The exception to the rules of DNCs calls from surveys, billing collectors, and nonprofit organizations.

Emoji or Emoticon - Graphical representations of emotion. They are either represented by texts that form smileys or faces or full graphics of smileys and faces.

Empathy - Is the feeling of realizing the customer's situation by the agent. It is like recognizing what it is like to place yourself in place of the other person's situation.

Erlang C - Named after A.K Erlang, a metric used to measure waiting times and delays for callers.

Gamification - Refers to an inclusion of games in education or training to enhance motivation and decrease boredom among students or agents.

Inbound - Refers to the calls made by a customer to a call center agent.

Knowledge Base - A repository or website library of information that is easy to understand and read. It can be a form of web-based collections of FAQs or AI (artificial intelligence) answered a question and answered chat.

Land Area Network (LAN) - Computer system consisting of interconnected computers which are called individually as nodes. Each computer which has monitors and CPUs can share printers, scanners, and modem as well as to communicate via email or chat.

Off-peak - pertains to the period of few calls.

Multi-Lingual-Agents - Pertains to Agents that can converse in more than one languages.

Nuisance call - An unwelcomed call

Predictive Dialer - A telephone equipment that is capable of predicting or knowing if the number to be called is connected, busy, no answers or voicemails.

Private Branch Exchange (PBX) - Telephone system in an office, building or hotel that provides voice communications.

Project Management Software - Is a project collaboration software that helps manage, schedule, monitor and distribute tasks to an assigned to an agent. It can also be used in cost controlling, resource allocation, budget management, and communication.

Speech Recognition - The feature of a software program that can convert voice to text. It is often used in search engine search such as by Google, Yandex and Bing, voice dialing. In Artificial Intelligence intelligent virtual assistants programs such as Microsoft's Cortana and Apple's Seri,  both programs are capable of recognizing speech and following instructions.

Wide Area Network (WAN) - A system of two or more LAN of computers

Warm calling - Calls made to customers that are expecting calls that can be follow up calls.

VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) - In laymen's term, it is the use of calling via the internet. The analog phone signal is translated into the digital signal when it arrives at the computer or smartphone.  Examples of VOIPs are smartphone based applications such as WhatsApp, line app, fire chat and Viber. VOIP for laptops and desktops are Skype, Google hangouts, 3CX and Team Speak 3.

The Audio Visual Technology in Business Process Outsourcing May 11, 2017

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In the middle of a spacecraft control room, Luke Skywalker speaks out in the bluish ghostly image of Yoda, the Jedi, council member. It is a live feed from planet Tatooine, the Jedi council base camp where Yoda informs Luke of an impending imperial military air strike. The image projection is 3D, with depth, height, and length. A hand can almost grasp the picture as if holding a real object. This Star Wars episode, featuring a hologram, amazes audience in cinemas with audio visual projection. The audio visual (AV) presentation is a method of sending video and audio information to audience or receiver. It consists of electronic devices that work in tandem or in concert to produce live streaming video and a series of slides or pictures.

The AV equipment comprises slide projectors, video projectors, computers and vision mixers used in laser shows, programs and other special effect themed presentations. The equipment above can be found in news rooms, schools, company meeting halls and entertainment stages. Slide projectors are small box sized equipment that consists of a slide holder, a focusing lens for enlarging slide image, a reflector for directing light onto the image which is projected by the lens to the white board or blank wall. Inside, b there is a fan that serves as the coolant for the device. A bulb illuminates the slide, and its illumination is controlled by a focusing knob to control lighting intensity.

A video projector is a device capable of displaying videos and still images from the computer. It is often used today for PowerPoint presentation and resembles the insides of a circuit board that controls data conversion, light intensity, memory card, fan, and lens focusing. Also, video projectors are often connected to PC to transmit videos and images. A presentation program is held to project images and videos via data cable and memory card. For presentation, the windows office application of PowerPoint is one of the most known software used. This type of equipment found its way in presentations.

For live conferencing, computers such as tablet PCs and large LCD monitors may be utilized. A large LCD or TFT, flat screen TV, connected to the internet via computer allows two people in two different locations across the globe to converse as if they are in the same room.  A high pixel video camera captures images of a presenter and feeds them via satellite or fiber optics of internet cabling. With this technology, there is no need for one party to be physically present to speak out and be seen by the second party, just as what the example above depicting Yoda in conversation with Luke Skywalker by a hologram.

Furthermore, inside news production rooms, live production services, and Video tech services of a news company, a visitor may find a large control panel full of buttons, control knobs, and LCD panels. It reminds everyone of futuristic controls of starships featured in sci-fi movies. This device is used to mix videos of different origin, modify videos of different lengths and add additional special effects to illustrate an impossible or unlikely situation.

Because of audiovisual technology, it possible to speak to your loved ones from afar. It is now easy to get in touch with them and connect to other people . By just one magnificent click of a button, you’ll be able to relay your messages to your special someone. Just like Yoda and Luke facing each other through a hologram, you can now project the best YOU and meet other people in an instant via quality AV solution.